cadex 2021 Events Schedule

cadex (contract, architecture and design expo), as an international architecture and design platform, will once again explore the hottest architectural and design topics. Moreover, in 2021 cadex will also adapt his content to the latest trends of cultural diversification and economic globalization through a special selection of A&D community events and immersive experiences.

At the same time, cadex also wants to serve as a premium platform to discover innovative products and materials for the Architecture and Design Industry. 

By gathering the world' most advanced design concepts and design materials, it will bring together an influential design feast for all industry professionals including architects, designers, real estate professionals, manufacturers and contractors.


We look forward to seeing you at cadex 2021!

24-26 March 2021

SNIEC - Shanghai New International Expo Center




W1 Hall




Having been experiencing Covid-19, we further realized our need and desire to socialize. Nowadays, the success of commercial space depends on largely on whether it can bring

Can we reshape the relations between people, between people and the environment?

How to integrate commercial buildings and interior with public spaces?

How to provide public spaces for people to have more social experience in high-density cities?

The Healing with Design - Commercial and Public Space Forum will explore the possibility of post-Covid space design.


  • SHAPING THE WORLD WITH JOY (Projects Display & Design Talks)

Easy-going and fluid shapes, bright colors, environment-friendly… can bring happiness to people. While experiencing the Covid-19 epidemic, worries and fears are inevitable. In this special circumstances, everyone's pursuit of happiness has become more and more important both at home and on the workplace.

During the 3 days of the Show, in the Shaping the World with Joy event, 10 selected designers will showcase their excellent “happy” residential and office space design works.

Each of them will also have the chance to interact with the audience and share his/hers insights and thoughts during the Design Talks time.



Five talented designers will receive a secret box containing a selection of materials from three renowned flooring brands including physical samples and technical descriptions. The designers, who don’t know which material belongs to which company, will choose their favorite products and integrate them in the interior design concept of five VR sample rooms. 

Onsite, the final works of the five designers will be revealed and presented in the form of a VR exhibition in which visitors can immerse themselves in the different spaces and if they are walking through them.


  • 2055 MIDNIGHT DINER (Experience Center)

Can’t remember since when, the line tween life and work is not obvious anymore.  Home can be your office, you are doing exercises in the office. Gradually, café and restaurants are not only for coffee or dinner anymore. You found that you can book them to have meetings. “The Third Space” is a concept that are becoming a norm in our lives. It’s technology that enables us to do things faster, and gives us more convenience and comfort. IT technologies let us communicate where ever we are. Product technologies provide us better environment. This “In Between” Experience Center makes us feel we are wondering in and out life and work, and all in control.


N1 Hall


  • Bordless Design: blurred lines between indoor and outdoor spaces (Forum)