Design Carpet Salons

 21st March



Eastern Grace Style - Analysis of Five-Star Hotel Carpet


With the continuous development of China’s economy, more and more impact from China to the world, its economic status decides the cultural orientation. In nowadays China, the designs of five-star hotel which dominated by European style, have permeated with more Chinese culture. Haima carpet accounts for more than 70% of the share in domestic five-star hotels.

In the dialogue visitors can discover a selection of these outstanding projects which witnessed the great performance of Haima carpet in the Hotel design industry.


22nd March



“Reflection of Victoria Harbour”--On the originality and design of public transportation carpet 


Kevin        Design Director


The environment of the carpet installed is the main idea in the inspiration of a carpet designer, since it will reflect the cultural connotation and style of the carpet design work. The good design concept is critical. It is not only the essence of the design, but also make the work of personalized, professional and distinctive effect. No matter how good the design is, without fitting with the environment, it is doomed to be a failure of creative designing. The core of designing is a creative behavior. Designing requires new and original, distinctive, difference and full of change. Otherwise the designing will not be called “designing”.


22nd March



From Craft to Design


Henny Van Nisterooy


Studio HVN interprets culture with contemporary design. We believe design should be solving problems between different environments and different languages.

Every Studio HVN project is the result of a concept tested to its limits and resolved with elegance, efficiency and skill.

Studio HVN founded in 2009 by Henny van Nistelrooy after received his Master degree in Design Products at the renowned Royal College of Art London. 2012 Henny moved Studio HVN to Beijing and teaches at Central Academy of Fine Arts.


22nd March

A 21st - Century Persian Rug 


Hossein Rezvani


Hossein Rezvani, a famous German rug designer, made its debut in China and launched its brand-new collections with modern Persian rug design together with Tanyanzhizao, a distinguished Chinese rug design brand.

Mr. Rezvani is a prestigious designer in the global rug design industry and also a third generation of this luxury rug brand. He devotes himself to the design of modern Persian rug design and has won several prestigious design awards, including the reddot design award and the German design award