Design Masterclasses

21st March
Cross-border Design Exchange


      Lear Hsieh                  President of Chinese Lighting Designers Association

 Raymond Chur            Interior Design Director of RainMan Pte Ltd

                                             Yan Zeng                   Lighting Design Director of Hangzhou Xicheng Engineering Design Co. Ltd.

                                                                       Carry Yu                   General Manager & Design Director of CSLC International Lighting Consultant Co. Ltd.


"Light" is an important element in the creation of a space or an environment. It is sensitive and interesting and sometimes feels connected to the spirituality. Light and Space, are usually very much bonded together and dependent to each other.

If you know how to use the light and how to play with it, your understanding of space will go one step further.


21st March

I-ding Design: Walk into cadex


Jiang Qi Jia , Design Director, PID design agencies

Miranda Liu, JWDA, Deputy General Manager




21st March


Ellipse And Scene



 Alberto Sanseverino


Alberto Sanseverino is a creative director and scenic designer from Italy with extensive professional experiences worldwide.

Theatre and architecture have influenced each other since the very beginning. The scene that originally followed architectural rules of functionality becomes an independent discipline and scenic designers create new ways of designing space, inspiring future generations of architects and designers from the 60's to contemporary architecture.  Scenic space, initially conceived for the theatre, also finds new ways to express itself- music, performance, architecture, lighting, fashion and lifestyle.


22nd March




Restoration of Design, and Live a Better Life with it.



Weisen Chen  ,  Founder & CEO of vidahouse

Home decoration industry is still struggling for transforming to Internet Plus mode. One of the most important reasons is that the old perceptions, such as focusing on hard decoration, and prioritizing decoration prior to furniture selection, have been prevailing over decades, dominating the home decoration platforms in China market. Under such abnormal industrial ecological chain circumstances, the true importance of design is neglected. vidahouse® thus endeavors to change the current situation and in addition to change the perceptions and history of home decoration by introducing technology revolution, and furthermore creating brand new interior design concepts and future. vidahouse provides design the channel to change people’s habit in decision making, integrating online design offering into terminal sale, so that customers are able to obtain design resources freely and experience high quality living environment. Design value is thus finally reinforced.


Design: Inspiration principles and reality


Marco de la Torre        MDRO INTERNATIONAL Architects

We architects are in the service sector our design has to fulfill different requirements with clients, environment, society, users and the city.

As we went to the university we learned and were taught a variety of tools to exercise our profession later. We were eager to get all what we can and learn from the masters of architecture. We pursuit different ways to get our inspiration: nature, city, art, literature, movies and so on.

Combining all our inspiration elements we designed and fulfill our task every time searching for the best possible solution, but it was an ideal world our customer and client were our teachers also architects.

The real task came when we started to work and face the reality which is much more complex as we thought and as what we have learned. Many other factors play a role starting with our clients, which very seldom are architects selves and of courses with real regulations, city requirements budget and more.

The topic of this speech is a short presentation of this process and how we face design with reality.