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21st March



Indoor space and art of living


Cici Ren        Associate Vice President, RTKL


With increasingly rich material and spiritual life, people's requirements for living environment are also changing day after day. Indoor space is a mirror reflecting human material life and spiritual life quality and the stage for creating life. How does modern indoor space use artistic and technical means to meet higher level of physical and psychological needs as well as create and organize the indoor technology design for ideal life time and space?


21st March





Combine I-Ching with Modern Architecture Design

Xu Liang’en

He is a consultant of Training Department of Sinology Institute, China Confucius Foundation, and from master program of life informatics of China Fate University in Taiwan. 

Learned I Ching from Wang Wulie, the architect and chairman of Taiwan Barrier-free Spatial Development Committee, and learned sinology f`rom Doctor. 

Xie Bairong, the president of China Fate University and the disciple of Wei Qianli, the famous Master of Numerology. 


He returned to China in 2002, and mainly coordinated domestic and foreign architecture designers in preliminary planning for large estate real estate projects, product development zone and tourist culture industry, etc,

And promoted the influence of sinology and I Ching on behaviors of modern humans. Theory 1 newly issued: influence of sinology and I Ching on modern housing planning and human behaviors. Theory 2: how to manage enterprises by sinology and I Ching.


 22nd  March




Innovation in Hotel Design
Peter Wang

Banyan Tree Group, Director of Business Development China
General Manager of Architrave China


Peter Wang is General Manager of ADP China and Director of BD China of Banyan Tree Corp, in charge of business development and design division.

Mr. Wang used to be general manager of a renowned designing firm specialized in hospitality industry, was responsible for design, operations, and business development. He has more than 30 years architectural and interior design experiences in hospitality, residential/commercial and mixed-use from serving at influential designing firms in Asia and North America.


22nd March



Environment and Real Estate for the elderly

Zhao Ying

Architectural Design Institute of Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.

Deputy Director       Tutor for Master Degrees


With the aging of population situation becoming increasingly severer, the old-age real estate has been considered as a very promising business nowadays. As everyone will get old, it has become an important thing for us to choose a comfortable living environment and a set of convenient living facilities in future.