Online registration

Welcome to our cadex / cadCLUB Online Registration.

From this page you can Pre-Register to attend our cadex show (22-24 March 2016) and also join our cadCLUB.



For Groups with less than 10 ppl, Registration will be possible from the Main Registration Systems. (Choose cadex/cadCLUB here below)

For Groups of more than 10 ppl, please download the Group Registration Form , fill it in and return it to at your earliest convenience.

cadex is an International event for Material Suppliers, Manufacturers, Architects, Designers, Real Estate Professionals, Building Contractors, Traders and End Users to connect with the most innovative and successful products on the market.

cadex aims to be the premier platform for connecting, learning and doing business in the design&architecture industry.




Join us in the cadCLUB, a professional platform for architects, designers and innovative Material Suppliers.

As a Member of the CLUB You can:

- Surf in the CLUB Parties and meet with industry peers.

- Listen the Architects’ master theories and concepts

- Receive the most frontier market message